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      When the Doctor found him, he appeared to be about six weeks old, and rapidly growing smaller and smaller.

      "Ah! 'twas your doubt first and the dream after! But let us think no more of blame, we must settle the doubt. We shall begin that to-morrow." On my venturing to say more he interrupted. "Well, we can do nothing now; at the present, sleep is our first business." However, after a little, he spoke again, and, I believe, purely in order to soothe me to slumber, speculated and counselled with me for the better part of an hour concerning my own poor little love affair.Oh, he wasn't taking offence. His reptile temper crawled into hiding, and when I said day was breaking, he said he would show me my way.

      "Oh, well, everything is possible, if you look at it in that light," grudgingly admitted the other.

      "My mother! Do you know my mother?"


      "I stood in the corridor for some time," Mamie continued with her head on Hetty's shoulder. "The blinds were up and I could see those two wide windows in the Corner House. Richards' father was a footman there and she told me all about the poor dead lady and the dark husband who never said anything----"The American beauty shook her head and smiled.


      As the rider wheeled away I blurted out with anxious loudness in the general hubbub, "Isn't his brother with him?"


      "Oh, yes there is; he goes by various names, but one of them is Ned Ferry. Sergeant, we'll kick together; now!"--Bang!II LIEUTENANT FERRY