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      "When this other escapes it is from a room of Great Bend Tree." Cadnan nodded: he and Dara were of Bent Line Tree, and hence in a different room. The segregation, simple for the masters, was handy and unimportant, and so it was used. Cadnan thought it natural: every tree had its own room. 131)

      In the meanwhile, little Pete had visions of killing big game in the mountain woods. The interminable forest suggested to him dreams of bear, deer, buffalo, elk, and all the animals he had read about. It would be a great thing to bring down an elk or a deer with his Springfield rifle, and then be escorted back' to camp in triumph, with the other boys carrying his game. He kept circling through the woods, in sight or hearing of the others, expecting every minute to come upon some animal that would fill his youthful sanguine hopes.For some time after Naomi's death Reuben was sick with grief. Her going had been so cruel, so unexpectedand he could not forget how they had found her, her eyelashes wetted with tears.

      A large, heavy-jowled man, with a mass of black whiskers, and wearing a showy but nondescript uniform, appeared.

      In those dark furious hours, Reuben would wish his brother had died. It was not as if life could be sweet to him. It was terrible to see him mouching and mumbling about the house, to hold even the brief converse with him which everyday life enforced. He had not as yet grown used to his blindness, indeed it would be difficult for him to do so without wits to stimulate and direct his other senses, and it was dreadful to see him tumbling over furniture, breaking things and crying afterwards, spilling food on his clothes and his[Pg 54] beardfor now that he could not shave himself, and others had no time to do it for him, he wore a large fair beard, which added to his uncouthness.

      "I won't stop," said Shorty angrily; "I won't let no man talk that way about the 200th Ind., no matter if he wears as many leaves on his shoulders as there is on a beech tree. I'd tell the Major-General that he lied if he slandered the regiment, if I died for it the next minute.""Now, I want to know at once what this means?" Little Pete Skidmore again became the spokesman of the abashed crowd.

      "Why can't we jest go on being happy and comfortable, lik we wur before?"



      "Where are these rebels that we're goin' to fight?" asked Harry Joslyn, eagerly scanning the horizon. "I've been looking for 'em all along, but couldn't see none. Was you in such a hurry for fear they'd get away, and have they got away?"


      MRS. G.: If a Senator gets enough letters, he has to do something, doesn't he? Because the letters are from the people who vote for him, you see?"Yes. Blast 'em wud gunpowder. I've heard of its being done. I'd never dig all the stuff out myselfyards of it there bewiller rootses always wur hemmed spready."