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      They were all entirely under the domination of the Empress, against whose will nobody dared to rebel, though Paul as a child used to ask his tutor why his father had been killed and why his mother wore the crown which ought to have been his.not thin enough? Were there shells in the nut cakes? Had a lady rebellion

      And his family are proud--and I'm proud, too!

      La Fayette, accused and proscribed by his late admirers, had found himself so unwilling to trust [232] to their tender mercies that he fled to Lige. But having made himself equally obnoxious to both sides, he had no sooner escaped from the hands of his friends than he fell into those of his enemies, and was arrested by an Austrian patrol and detained, arbitrarily say his friendsbut why arbitrarily?was taken to Wesel, and had now to undergo a mild form of the suffering he had caused to so many others.

      The garden, which is very extensive and laid out in beds carefully crammed with common flowers, has Jablochkoff lamps at every turning. It is traversed by a little narrow-gauge railway, and[Pg 203] the toy train is kept under a vault of the brand-new, spotless white palace.

      That's a great experience. I never talked to a man before (except

      [110]Supposing the swimming tank in the gymnasium were filled full


      I always suspected him of going largely on his reputation.Before I begin--here's a cheque for one thousand dollars.



      which is a very great honour for a Freshman. My English instructora room with four hundred girls is an ordeal when you are tired.