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      Mr. Pinchook doesnt propose to take me, said Varley.

      I think not, said Varley.

      Shall I? said Esmeralda.

      Esmeralda told of the stables, and the farms, and the sea; and his grace nodded his head and smiled at her enthusiasm; but he was not quite satisfied."And yet, and yet," he said to himself, after lengthened meditation, with unseeing eyes fixed upon the movement of the tide, "I think she loved me. I think her heart was mine from the hour her tears welcomed me back to this house, until her last sigh. God help all young wives whom their[Pg 330] husbands leave alone in their youth and beauty to stand or fall in the hour of temptation!"

      Not even Lilias? she said, with a little smile. But Im content to come second to her. Yeshe had bent his head so that his lips were near her faceyou may kiss me, if you like. I will pass it on to Lilias when we say good-night.

      With intense thankfulness, she found that she could stand quite steadily.The duke looked at her with curiosity veiled behind his kind and courtly smile; then he extended his long, white hand, and held hers, as he said in his low, slow voice, which had a ring of Traffords in it:


      I dont know which to try on first, she said. Try this evening one. Isnt it lovely? It is sure to fit! Cerise never makes a mistakenever!She must escape from the yacht. She must go back to Englandsomehow.


      She breathed quickly.


      Lady Wyndover looked at her in amazement.